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Compactors Fort Myers’ Space Management Tool

There are several types of compactors. A basic trash compactor looks similar to a trash can or dumpster, but uses a large metal plate to compress the trash, reducing the amount of space the waste takes up. For a construction project, there are three main types of compactors. The first of these is the plate compactor. The plate compactor is typically a metal plate that is rapidly moving up and down by the machine, creating an even grade and compacting the earth to a firm foundation.

The second is a jumping jack compactor, which has a much smaller “foot” than the plate compactor. These are ideal for compacting any backfill into trenches, such as for gas or water pipes.

The last is the road roller. These are heavy pieces of machinery that exert a large force. Typically, they are used for crushing and evening rock, sand, and gravel as a base layer beneath concrete or asphalt, such as when paving a stretch of road or creating a new sidewalk or driveway.

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