Skid Steer Fort Myers

When looking for a skid steer, Fort Myers residents turn to All Star Equipment for their equipment rental needs. With an experienced staff and over 15 years working in this industry, All Star Equipment is one of the most trusted companies in the area when residents and contractors need to rent special equipment.

Skid Steer, Fort Myers’ Most Versatile Machine

The skid steer loader is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery in a contractor’s fleet. Designed initially to be a small earth mover capable of more precise work than the excavator, the skid steer has become the true workhorse of the operation. With specialized attachments like an auger or a trencher, the skid steer is one of the most powerful and functional machines around.

Deriving its name from the way it moves, the skid steer is a deceptively strong piece of equipment, despite its size. With two of its four wheels locked in synchronization by side, the operator can move the right wheels and left wheels at different speeds, and steers the machine by moving one side faster than the other, resulting in a skidding turn. Since the structure of the skid steer is built to withstand all of the torsion created by that style of movement, it is a very solid machine that can withstand significant force. This durability is the root of its strength, and the popularity of the skid steer, Fort Myers, is certainly not in vain.

Renting A Skid Steer In Fort Myers from All Star Equipment

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at All Star Equipment. We have many years of experience helping people just like you find the equipment they need at a price they can afford. Our friendly and dedicated staff at All Star Equipment has the knowledge and experience to get you the right machine for your needs today. We will never try to sell you anything you do not need, just to make a few extra bucks. Whether you work as an independent contractor, or are just a private citizen who wants to do some bigger landscaping projects by yourself, we will set you up with everything you need for a skid steer, Fort Myers. Come by our office at 11680 Metro Pkwy in Fort Myers today to meet with a friendly representative.

Local residents should contact us at (239) 931-9844, or toll free at (888) 459-7147 if you are not yet local to Fort Myers. When you need a skid steer, Fort Myers, All Star Equipment can help!