Rental Fleet


 8 C.F.M Electric Portable Air Compressor  1700 Watt Inverter
 8 C.F.M. Gas Portable Air Compressor 3200 Watt Inverter
 185 Deisel Towable Air Compressor 2500 Watt Gasoline
 15# Air Chipper 4000 Watt Gasoline
 30# Air Hammer 6000 Watt Gasoline
 60# Air Hammer 10 KW Dsl. Generator
 90# Air Hammer 170 AMP Welder w/ leads
 Rock Drill 300 AMP Dsl. Welder
 Air Nailers, Finish, Roofing Coil, Framing, Etc. Light Towers
 300# Sandblaster w/ Air Fed Hood Large Dsl Generators 25-70 kw
  Distribution Box
 Standard Plate Compactor ELECTRIC HAMMERS
 Reversible Plate Compactor Chipping Hammer
 Rammer Roto Hammers
 Double Drum 1.5 ton Roller Large Electric Breakers
 Large, Single & Double Drum Roller 
 CONCRETE Hydrostatic Test Pump
 Electric Portable Concrete Mixer 2″ Electric Submersible
 Mortar & Concrete Mixers 9 cubic feet 2″ Centrifugal
 Power Screed 3″ Trash
 Trowel 3″ Diaphragm
 Concrete Vibrators, gas/electric 4″ Trash
 Hand Held Core Drill, electric 500 Gallon Water Trailer

 Core Drills, bits 1″ to 12″

 Floor Sander/Buffer EARTH
 Tile Stripper Walk Behind Trencher
 Concrete Planer Irrigation Trencher
 Floor Grinder Ride On Trencher
 Mason Tender (Prime Mover) Power Shovel
 Tie Beam Clamps Backhoe Loader 4×4 Extendahoe
  Bobcat Skid Steer
 SAWS Track Skid Steer
 12″ Electric Cut-Off Saw Mini Excavators Up To 17K
 14″ Gas Cut-Off Saw Loader 8K
 16″ Gas Cut-Off Saw Augers, Tree Booms, Forks, Grapples, Etc.
 14″ Street Saw 6″ Wood Chipper
 20″ Street Saw- Self Propelled Sod Cutter
 Soff-Cut Saw Stumpgrinder
 Tile Saw 8′ Ride On Sweeper
 Large Tile Saw 
 AERIAL Material Lift
 1 Man Personnel Lift- 25′ & 30′ Pallet Jack
 Towable Man Lift up to 45′ Industrial 5K Forklift
 19′ Scissor Lift and larger 19′ 5K Reach Forklift
 33′ Scissor Lift 4×4 22′ 6K Reach Forklift
 40′ 4×4 Stick Boom Block, Pallet Forks, Buckets, Etc.
 45′ 4×4 Articulating Lift Dump Trailer
 LAWN & GARDEN Pressure Washer 2500 PSI
 Chain Saw Pressure Washer 4000 PSI
 Pole Chain Saw Whirley Bird
 Sod Cutter Laser Level
 Power Shovel Walk Behind Blower
 Stump Grinder Air Mover
 Chipper Dehumidifier
 Walk Behind Brush Cutter Air Scrubber
 Line Trimmer Sewer Snake
 Roto Tiller Floor Scrubber up to 20″